TDS Return – All You need to Know about TDS Return [A.Y. 2017-18]

Every layman afraid from TDS because of difficult process of deduction, payment, Return, Statement etc.

But we will try to make it simple as every layman can play with TDS.

In this article, we will discuss about What is eTDS return, how to file TDS Return, Where to file it, How to prepare it, software and documents.

If you have any query related to TDS return, ask in the comment form given below.

We will try to solve your query as soon as possible. We have covered all amendment by finance act 2016, so you can say that the below article will be applicable for A.Y.2017-18/F.Y.2016-17.

Who is Liable to Submit TDS Return?

The person who deducts TDS is liable to furnish TDS Return. It is mandatory to file TDS Return within time as given below; otherwise they are liable to pay penalty for non-submitting of e-TDS Return.

The following persons are required to file TDS return quarterly, if they have deducted any TDS regarding any payment.

  • Company
  • Persons whose accounts Audited (See limit for Audit of Accounts)
  • Govt. Officers

What is TDS Return?

TDS Return/statement is a summary of all the transactions related to TDS made during a Quarter.

The quarterly statements may be furnished in any of the following manner;

  • furnishing the statement in paper form;
  • furnishing the statement in electronically (Digital Signature)
  • furnishing the statement (form 27A)

Due Dates to File TDS Returns/ TDS Statements

  • for the quarter ending on 30th June – 31st July (due date)
  • for the quarter ending on 30th September – 31st October (due date)
  • for the quarter ending on 31st December – 31st January (due date)
  • for the quarter ending on 31st March – 31st May (due date)

Mandatory e-filing of TDS Returns

  • the deductor is an office of Government; or
  • the deductor is principal officer or a company; or
  • the deductor is a person required to get his accounts audited; or
  • the number of deductees records in a statement for any quarter of the financial year are 20 or more,

the deductor shall furnish the statement in the following manner: 

  • furnish the statement electronically (with digital signature)
  • furnish the statement electronically (with form 27A)

Preparation of e-TDS Statement Step by Step

1) TDS Return Software: First of all you need the software to prepare TDS return. There are various software providers. Check list here. But all are paid software.

NSDL e-Gov provides free TDS software/TDS utility to prepare e-TDS/TCS returns. The name of the software is Return Preparation Utility (RPU). It is window based software made with VB.

Download e-TDS/TCS Return Preparation Software (Updated) V 1.6

Complete Procedure to Prepare TDS Return with RPU

All software has its help file to prepare TDS return/statement. As we have experienced, all software required to enter three entries after creation of master of payees/deductee and payers/deductors.

(a)    Credit or Paid Amount

(b)   TDS deducted on that amount

(c)    Challan detail of TDS payment

2) After Preparing and validating the .fvu file (e-TDS file after preparation), it will generate form 27A. You should Printout two copies of 27A. You don’t need to printout form 27A if you have uploaded digital signature.

3) The authorized signatory should sign on it.

4) Copy the .fvu file to Pen Drive or burn the CD. But confirm form your nearest TIN Facilitation centers for facility of Pen drives.

5) Now go to the TIN center with CD/Pen Drive and form 27A.

6) Pay the fee for process of TDS return.

7) Now take the provisional receipt from TIN Center and you have done.

You don’t need to attach any document along with form 27A. Only non or lower deduction certificates should be attach in the case of salary TDS return (Form 24Q). Zip of file by Win Rar and Winzip Software is allowed.

We will cover the other aspects for return of TDS like Correction in TDS e-Return, how to use the software, Download online statements and TCS returns.

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  1. sir,
    I have file the tds return for my company for the first time as this is a startup co. I had tried to register my Company tan no. with income tax department but on this site they directed me to TRACE with a message to register yourself on TRACE first so did the same but after filling some information site want me to mention token no. of last filed return of tds but i did not filed any return as i mentioned earlier that is it is a startup co. Please guide me how do i get registered or i have to file offline return of tds with procedure of offline return filling.

    1. Hi Sandeep. Have you applied your TAN through form 49B. If yes then have you alloted TAN?

  2. how to deduct tds in school management accounts…

  3. IF TDS is deducted by the Sub Treassury Officer and if the return is not filed in time. The TDS is an excess. What is the procedure and to whom the complaint is to be lodged against the deducting officer.

  4. i have fill form 16 .in 15 april.WHEN I received MY MONEY BACK ..PLZ REPLY.

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