Know Your PAN by DOB, Surname and Mobile Number

Sometime you find difficulty to find your PAN number i.e forget your PAN number, lost PAN number and want to know PAN online by one click.

So you can do this only by entering your date of birth, sir name and mobile number.

It is a service itself provided by income tax department officially.

Here you can know your PAN Jurisdiction and PAN card detail.

As a professional I always use this service to find someone PAN.

How to Know PAN Number with Date of Birth, Name and Mobile Number

It is very easy to know your PAN online with Surname, DOB and Mobile Number. Follow the following simple steps.

Visit this link

  • As box is showing enter Surname, Middle Name, First Name, Status, Gender, Date of Birth,  Mobile Number
  • Enter first name or middle name if you know otherwise leave as it is.
  • Now enter Surname which is mandatory otherwise you can’t find the PAN.
  • Enter the Status i.e individuals, Firm, company etc. It is mandatory.
  • Then enter date of birth for individuals and date of incorporation for company, firm and HUF. It is mandatory.
  • In the last enter mobile number. it is mandatory.

Keep in mind that enter only that mobile number which is accessible to you as system will send you OTP which you will enter to know the PAN.

Now the question is whose mobile number you should enter here. There are two conditions.

  • Know your own PAN number.
  • Know other PAN Number

You can enter your own mobile number or other mobile number. It will not match with PAN data with mobile number. It is only for verification of OTP.

So you should enter mobile number only which is accessible to you.

OTP window

Enter Your OTP which you have received on your mobile number

If there are multiple entries similar to your name then the following window will appear then enter father’s first and last name.

know your pan multiple queriesAfter entering of the above information you can get the final result which is PAN detail like First Name, Middle Name, Surname, Jurisdiction and remarks as given below.

know your pan final

If you PAN is wrongly deactivated by IT department then you can reactive it. Check how to reactive PAN here

Lost Pan Card or Damaged Pan Card – What to Do?

Recent Updates Regarding Permanent Account Number

Updated on Updates Details
07-08-2017 Over 11 Lakh PAN Deactivate Detail

FAQ on Know Your PAN

Q. Why people may have multiple PANs?

Ans. It is because of some confusion or lack of knowledge.

Some examples are as follows:

  1. Suppose you want to do some correction in PAN but instead of filling correction form in PAN filed new PAN form. So system will generate new PAN along with your old PAN.
  2. Some people apply PAN again without having knowledge that they have already one.
  3. Some women after marriage apply new PAN with her new surname instead of correcting the surname.
  4. Some persons apply for fake identities.

So to apply new PAN, you must “Know Your PAN” option provided by Income Tax Department website. The procedure is given above.

Q. What are the adverse consequences of having more than one PAN?

Ans. There is penalty of Rs.10,000 under section 272B of the Income-tax Act. There is also prosecution if a person wilful having multiple PAN to create fake identities.

Q. What to do If having multiple PAN?

Ans. You should surrender your extra PAN immediately. Don’t worry you will not face any penalty by disclosing that you have multiple PANs.

First, you should know that what PAN is allotted on your name, dob and mobile number. We have given the procedure above to know your PAN.

Q. How to surrender a PAN?

Ans. There are two options to surrender PAN i.e online or offline.

Online Procedure: Visit here

Visit the above link and fill the relevant information. You should fill the detail of Duplicate PANs to be surrendered.

Offline Procedure: Download this form (Request for New PAN or/and Changes or Correction in PAN Data). Fill the form and mention the PAN you want to continue and list all the PAN which you want to surrender.

Submit this form to UTI or NSDL Tax Information Network Facilitation Center. Find here your nearest TIN Facilitation Centres

Make sure to check “Know Your PAN” service of Income Tax Department before submitting the form.

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