Download ITR-2 Form (A.Y. 2016-17)

The ITR form-2 has been issued by the income tax department for the A.Y. 2016-17. The persons who are liable to file income tax return through ITR-2 should download the ITR 2 form in Excel utilities (to file online) or PDF file (to file offline)

The person who wants to file income tax return online should download the ITR-2 excel utility or if the person wants to file income tax return offline then he should use PDF file.

The persons who wants to know about ITR-2’s filing procedure should read the complete article. We will discuss some common questions here so you can easily file your income tax return through ITR-2 Form for A.Y.2016-17/ F.Y.2015-16.

Is ITR-2 form Applicable to Me?

The is very common questions asked by many assesees that which form I should use to file my income tax return as there are lots of form issued by income tax department. So here is the simple answer that you have to check your income first to know the ITR form applicable to you.

ITR-2 form will be applicable for the following income.

1) Income from Salary/Pension; or

2) Income from House Property; or

3) Income from Capital Gains; or

4) Income from Other Sources

How to fill ITR-2 form?

It is very simple to fill ITR-2 form as the columns itself describe. You should keep ready your documents from where you can get exact information like bank statements, rent receipts, ownership deeds, accounts etc. If you have any queries regarding to file ITR-2, you can ask by comment form. We will try to answer your queries asap.  You can also email to us. But it will take 24 hours to answer your query. So it is easy for you and us to conversation through comment form given below.

Download ITR-2 Form (A.Y.2016-17)

ITR 2 – Excel Utility (Zip Format)

ITR 2 – Java Utility (Not yet Released)

Download ITR-2 Form (A.Y.2015-16)

Download ITR-2 Form (A.Y.2014-15)

One should consider the last date/deadlines to file ITR-2 as delayed returns attracts penal interest according to income tax rules. Please refer Income Tax Obligation Calendar to check all the deadlines for A.Y. 2016-17.

ITR 2A Form Notified to Simplify Process of Filing IT Return


  1. i was reading on net that – person earning exempted income above 5000 cannot file ITR1, does it mean that Salary person earning exempted income above 5000 (ie. if HRA and other allowances are above 5000, which are exempt U/S 10) will file ITR2

      • still waiting for exact conclusion.. have inquired a lot and found both opinions in favor of itr 1 & 2. some are saying to be on safe side u can file 2. but i am still waiting for some good ans.

      • Is it sure that itr2 has to be filed if we have exempted incoe under section 10 around 50k? Also in itr2 excel utility I am not able to fill email address and mobile number(macros are enabled). How can I fill that?

    • You are required to fill ITR1 only. Exempt income is this case refers to Dividend Income etc, not the Salary Income component of HRA etc.
      CA Rajat Bhatla

  2. i am an resident-indian-individual. pl explain how much amount can i deduct in the category “interest on education loan”.

  3. i am salaried person and getting HRA from my institute and that has been included in my total salary, where should i enter HRA amount in ITR-2 and that is lessed from my salary

  4. If I have a MF TXN I have to file ITRFORM2. But in that under section “S” I have to enter Employer Name,Address,Pin Code no. when all I am getting is PENSION from PF Office Bandra,Mumbai. Please advise how I will enter the Pension data under “S” in ITR2?

  5. i downloaded the excel format and was filling the itr2 form.when i went into salary heading, it is saying that remove protection under unprotect sheet command and it is prompting for a so i do it….please help…

    • I also faced the same problem, but could understand, the salary figure will be picked up from TDS-1 table for working tax liability. Strangely, income other than Salary has been picked up from TDS-2 table but not Salary amount. 2014_ITR2PRI.xls extracted from zipped Tr2 is also provided with system of generating XML file. But that also did not function. ITR2.xls is another excel form available for download and that has correctly assesses tax liability and outstanding tax has been paid as self assessment accordingly, but there is no facility for generating of XML file and therefore can not be uploaded against my PAN account. It appears upload is feasible only for ‘XML’ file. But this ‘xls’ file displays proper acknowledgement (TR5) file. What can be the remedy ? I can only send the Tr5 displayed duly signed if ‘XML’ file does not generate, ‘’

  6. I want to download ITR-2 in EXCEL Utility for A.Y.2014-15, but your link is only for A.Y.2013-14. How can I obtain the Form I need?

  7. I downloaded ITR-2 Excel file but after opening the file Error ‘Compile Error in Hidden Module: Sheet 1’ appear while entering every field

  8. i have purchased a house. this is my 2nd house and i have taken home loan .this is my 2nd home loan. 1st one payment was completed . then after few months i have purchased 2nd home. now tell me which form is suitable for me.some one tole me form 2 is suitable for me. the deduction u/s 24 i got relief 24000 rupees from my salary. now i cannot understand where i mentioned 24000 deduction in for 2. please give me sugestion.

  9. In ITR-2, under section of Computation of tax liability on total income section , 1a is Tax at normal rates on 15of Part B-TI, Is it the total income tax liability amount which is available in form 16?

    Second problem is under section 9, that is Interest payable? what is 234A, 234B, 234C?

    Third problem is related with section EI (Exempt Income), in this section again should i fill the same amount which i mentioned under section 80TTA for saving account?

    please suggest me.

  10. I want to download ITR-2 in EXCEL Utility for A.Y.2014-15, but your link is only for A.Y.2013-14. How can I obtain the Form I need?

  11. I have downloaded the ITR2 utility from the Income Tax website. However, I do not find a “S” schedule. Is it a separate sheet or part of some other sheet?

  12. I filled ITR 2 and got the validation except for one issue for which I need help. I have declared STCG in transaction of share. I have not shown setting off loss against current year’s transaction or or carry forward loss. Under clause E of Capital Gains format at sl no ii shows short term capital gain as Rs 30730. This has not been validated with the remark “Total of quarterly break up in STCG 15% is less by Rs 30730”.
    Request help to resolve.
    Debasis Mallick

  13. I am filing my ITR form 2 in the java utility and here is my question with respect to filing the ITR2 form with interest income of my minor child.
    My SB interest – Rs. A < 2500
    My FD interest – Rs. B < 1500
    My Son's SB interest – Rs. C < 200
    My Son's FD interest – Rs. D. < 3200

    My Questions: 1) What amount should be filled in Schedule OS 1b (Interest Gross)?
    2) What amount should be filled in Schedule VI A .p (80TTA)?
    3) What amount should be filled in Schedule SPI (Income of Specified Person) against my son's name? Should it be a) Rs.D or b) Rs. D+ Rs. C or c) Rs. D+ Rs. C – Rs.1500

    Basic reason for asking above questions is:
    1) No matter what amount I fill for Q3, the tax amount is not getting changed.
    2) Where should I mention the Rs. 1500 deduction (or exemption) allowed for income of minor child.

  14. I am a Pensioner having Other Income as Intt. on FDR,RD, SB, NSC. Deductions under Chapter VIA includes Health Checkup, Mediclaim and Intt. on NSC. For AY14-15, I filed ITR2 on 31st July 2014 calculating I.Tax as per Form16 and Statements of other income and Capital Gains/Losses. Now my empoyer traced mistake in Form-16 and advises me that the relief under 80D is Rs.5000/- maximum under Health check up which they had taken at the full amount of Rs.7,000/- Hospital Bills. I downloaded ITR-V but did not despatch it after receiving the intimation over phone from my employer. I had deposited Self-Assessed Tax on 26th July 2014 which exceeded total tax payable by over Rs.900/-. Now I want to submit Revised ITR-2. I am using ITR2 software provided by I.Tax Deptt. At the end of recalculation the software is charging penal intt for delayed submission of return under Section 139A. There is no place on the software to select Original Return or Revised Return. Pls advise me what should I do.

    • Hello Bisweshwar Ghosh, Yes you are right there are no option in ITR-2 for revised returns or rectify returns. Anyway don’t worry, Income Tax department has setup the options in its online portal. When you will login to your account to file ITR-2 again then it will tell you that you have already filed ITR-2. So you have to file revised return or cancel it. You can then tick the option to file revised return. It will solve your problem. Hope you will satisfy by it. If not then ask me again, I will look into again. Thanks

  15. Income from other source (i,e, RD,FD, SB ) is to show in break-up figure or I have to show total of interest accured in the ITR-2 (Salaried Individual case)?

  16. 1. I sold a Plot for Rs. 10,40,000/- Lac on 7.3. 2014, which I had purchased for Rs 64,000/- on 2/7/1998.
    2. I purchases a flat, for which I paid full amount of Rs 32,00,000/- on 14.03.2014. I took possession of flat on 19.06.2014, but its Registry is not yet done. Registry is expected by 31.03.2015.
    3. I sold a house, for Rs 25,00,000/- on 29.09.2014, which I had purchases for Rs 8,00,000/- on 28.04.2006.
    4. I have never reported any purchase/sale in my Income Tax Return.
    Kindly give your expert advice on the following points.
    1. Whether the 2 transactions carried out in March, 2014 should have been reported by me in my last IT Return which I filed in July, 2014 or nor? If, yes, what is the way out now?
    2. LTCG’s in the two sales I have done.
    3. Whether the purchase of flat made by me neutralizes all these LTCGs or not? If not, what should I do to save Tax.

  17. Hamen apna zati ID Number aur Pasword bazreeya email inaiat kia jae take aainda FBR office jane ke bajae apna incom tax khud online kar sken.

  18. I have salary and bank interest income and want to show short term loss from shares investment. Kindly guide me as to which ITR form should I use? Also tell me the rules regarding taxability of income from mutual fund.

  19. I sold one of my flat for rs1700000 in Feb 2015 I made this home in2005 raised a home loan rs 800000and balance approx 8to10lac from myself this is a four story building I had already sold three storey from time to time the balance I have one story my rental income is 402500 invest rs100000 on national highway authority insurance 50000 and 3640 interest 52036and repay principal amount 600000 Pl calculat my income tax thanks

  20. There seems to be a bug in the file. Sec 80D – maximum deduction is shown as as Rs. 20,000. How does one show the numbers if the eligible deduction is more than Rs. 20,000

  21. Hello
    I hv downloaded ITR-2 excel utility. However when after filling partly when I try to save the partly filled excel sheets , it is not getting saved. meaning when i open back no data is saved whatever was entered.
    This was not the case with earlier versions.

    Please clarify that whether saving is allowed or not in between or there is some different process to follow to save partly filled ITR-2.

  22. I have got income from H R Consultation,house property&interest from FDs. Pl advise:-
    1. Which ITR form to use.
    2.Under which columns show Dividend income/exemption.

  23. pti schedule of itr 2 2016. i have only one house which is used for own residence. there is
    no any income out of that. how to fill this schedule.

  24. I have sold a plot in November 2016 which I purchased in 2001.
    and calculated the Long Term Capital gain as per the table and deposited the amount with a Longterm capital gain FD scheme with a nationalised bank in the month of April 16.
    How could it be filled in the form. Could it require any certificate, and could it be filled immediately or after few months ( ie. 17) ? Please clarify.

  25. The calculation of tax payable in cell H34 of sheet PARTB_TI_TTI in ITR 2 utility seems faulty, as it does not calculate tax on J29.

  26. I have gratuity from my previous employer & they issued a separate form-16 for gratuity payment with zero tax deduction as per Sec. 10 exempted income.

    Should I be filing ITR-1 or ITR-2?

  27. Sir i am finding difficulty in filing itr 1 in may 2015 i purchased a flat which was underconstruction and in dec 2015 i got the possession but from may to dec 2015 i paid pre emi so the total amount from may2015 to march 2016 is Rs.140356/-principal amount is Rs.10661/- and interest is Rs.129695/- stamp duty and registration Rs.52351/-total cost of flat is Rs.25lakhs including stamp duty and registration so my question is where should i take interest amount while filing itr 1 as well as proncipal and stamp duty amount also.Secondly can i claim for it if yes then what amount should i take principal,interest or stampduty and registration please help me with the amount detail.Waiting for your reply


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