How to Check PAN Card Status?

In our previous article, we have discussed about what is PAN, how to apply PAN, Who is liable to apply PAN and other aspects about PAN or PAN Card. In this article we will discuss about how to check PAN card status online easily. We are giving step by step instruction to check PAN card status.

One may easily get a Form 49A as to furnish their basic details with respect to PAN Card and submit the same at its respective office. In return people will receive a small tear out from the form which shall also have the acknowledge number.

Now to begin with the process of checking PAN Card status one should necessarily follow the following steps:

The foremost step towards checking the status of a PAN Card is to make sure that at-least 15 days has passed from the day on which the same was deposited to the respective authority, if not, then the person needs to wait till the end of the fifteenth day as it is the minimum time period which is required to process a PAN Card.

Once the 15 days have expired, one can start to track their PAN Card by way of using the acknowledge number that was provided at the time of depositing the Form 49A.

Step 1: Visit the URL

check status of pan card

Step 2: Now when you access the option there are various options that are provided at the center of the page under the head “Application for PAN through Online Services

Step 3: Select the third option from the right hand side which says “Status Track for PAN application

Step 4: After you click on the option, a new window opens up that demands information. You need to fill it up with your personal information.

Step 5: The first selection has to be made on the basis of Application Type which can be selected from the drop down box besides it. Choose ‘PAN-New / Change request

Step 6: Now it is time to fill up the acknowledgement number with the same as it appears on the receipt of Form 49A.

Step 7: Next is the mandatory field of ‘Name’ where the applicant needs to enter his surname in the first box followed by his first name in the second box.

Step 8: Now it is time to fill the last blank with your date of birth and click on ‘Submit’.

Step 9: After the click, the website will make a search of your details and provide you with your PAN Card’s present status.

how to check pan status

It shall be noted that one has the liberty in respect of filing up the areas as only the ‘Name’ section is mandatory and the rests are optional. However, if one desires to get the most accurate result, one needs to furnish all the information such that the burden of selecting one’s own name from any similar names gets eliminated.

PAN or the Permanent Account Number is a very important source of evidence for people as it determines their recognition with the Government. This card is used in ways more than one where people can easily carry on their civil obligations in the most courteous manner along with providing a common ground for comparing the proof of taxes paid. But to satisfy such criteria requires obtaining a PAN Card whereby people can carry out their operations.


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